AUTHOR:  Susan Carew, Awaken the Fool Series of e-books.

The e-books have been extracted from A Fool for Peace Manuscript which traces my journey from the beginning Click!AiJTyJ-mNgJmglzn9Hufbd40UTAH

e-Books published on Amazon are as follows:

Clowning is Peace in Action – Book 1, Principled Nonviolence is Peace – Book 2, Proactivism is Positive Peace – Book 3, Universal Peace Education – Book 4 and Peace or Bullying? Book 5

Clowning is Peac in Action - Book 1Principled Nonviolence is Peace - Book 2Proactivism is Positive Peace in Action - Book 3Universal Peace Education - Book 4Peace or bullying cover - Book 5


To purchase any of the books below click on the Amazon links below.  All profits will be invested into peace education and sustaining Susan in her work.

Clowning Around is Peace in Action – Book 1

Susan discusses her adventures of clowning around the world and her unforgettable trip to Russia with Dr. Patch Adams. Susan is a World Peace Clown and her mission is to promote peace, laughter and joy around the world. Until we find that positivity within we cannot create peace in the world. Susan decided to live by example. She travelled to more than 20 countries and found the Fools Gold along the way. She visited: Thailand, India, Egypt, Greece, UK, USA, Central and South America, New Zealand, Helsinki, Vietnam and Nepal. She has clowned around to inspire humanity, connection and wellbeing. She has come to understand that we are ‘same same but different’. Many people live with fears of difference and her experience has showed her when we have the courage to step out and be brave enough to connect with those different from ourselves, we find ourselves. You will have to ponder that.

Amazon link: Clowning is Peace in Action

Principled Nonviolence is Peace – Book 2

This book overviews why nonviolence is the greatest power, great than armies or leaders. It is within every human and when truly understood is a force more powerful. Susan has been trained in nonviolence she studied Peace Studies at La Trobe University, her lecturer was one of the greatest Gandhi scholars in the world. She won from a worldwide candidacy a scholarship to study with the world’s experts on the Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies scholarship at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. She gives excerpts from a lifetime of experience examining nonviolence from a range of perspectives. You will be encouraged to look through the prism of REAL HOPE to Awaken the Fool in you. Violence can be turned around when we understand the power of nonviolence.

Amazon link: Principled Nonviolence is Positive Peace


Proactivism is Positive Peace in Action – Book 3

Proactivism is not able rebelling against authority. It is about finding your own voice, creatively to inspire others. There are many creative ways you can be proactive in working for positive change rather than fighting against what is not wanted. Susan shares her experience clowning on the streets to inspire happiness and trust, her experience in hospitals bringing a smile to people who are seldom responded to, clowning around to ask people to write notes of love and support to those without a home (refugees) and peace messages for the United Nations expressing their desire for peace. Susan will explain her magical invitation to clown in a maximum security prison (Maribyrnong Detention Centre) with refugees and how she even had the chance to explore her fantasy clowning in Federal Parliament. However, sadly, she didn’t get to go to Question Time and stand up and call them well err… clowns. Got close though. There are so many fun ways we can be heard and seen but make sure you are not fighting against something. She will speak of the power of the Law of Attraction.

Amazon link: Proactivism is Positive Peace in Action

Universal Peace Education – Book 4

Susan discusses her REAL HOPE program an innovative peace, nonviolence and anti-bullying program to inspire young people through experiential education. They realise they have the power to create their world. Universal values, when integrated, unite people. Control and negativity has the opposite effect and is the old paradigm that no longer works. Teaching positivity and empowerment are the keys to world peace. Susan shares with you her experiences as a Rotary Peace Scholar on the experiential/theoretical program in Bangkok. She shares with you the disputes that were studied. She visited the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Prison (torture centre) in Cambodia. She met the real Khmer Rouge. She explored the projected unhappiness of humanity. She then discover one of the keys to peace is personal inquiry (inner realisation). She realised that transformative peace is the focus rather than looking at conflict as if it is true. Only positivity creates peace. She discusses the real peacemakers on the planet, some of whom are becoming mainstream. Eckhart Tolle (Power of Now) and Bryon Katie (Loving What Is) introducing new ways of understanding peace and conflict discovering when we become still there is no pain, only love. The world is indeed a mirror. We can transform all conflict when we know how. This curriculum will be the future. Why not Awaken the Fool within you to realise … Your happy destiny is unavoidable.

Amazon link: Universal Peace Education


Peace or Bullying? – Book 5 (latest)

This book will help readers understand the foundations of both bullying and peace. It explores the negative side of humanity through self-deception, denial, the ego, the shadow and new information on how the world is a mirror of your own consciousness. This is critical to understand as it enables those experiencing this situation to take back their power. Importantly, one the game is understood bullying will stop. The book explores community violence and what is breaking down, then covert and overt bullying in workplaces and the impact of childhood bullying on adults. We go back to school and overview bullying exploring new data on the prevalence of covert bullying. Links are provided to a range of bullying cases to educate and inform explaining it is not just personality clashes, in its extreme it can lead to trauma and suicide. In Victoria Australia, bullying is a crime. To transform conflict we have to understand peace, therefore a background into the history of peace and its roots in spirituality and philosophy and the success of Gandhi’s Satyagraha and non-violent activism. Indeed the power of principled nonviolence is the opposite paradigm of control. From here peace education is discussed and explored introducing new ways to apply peace education to the problem of bullying in order to transform children’s behaviour. Universal values, experiential education and the clown teacher are the keys to empowering children in powerful ways. Children learn best through joy, questioning, facts & philosophy, puppets and role play to find new ways to look at conflict and discover inner power. Experiential education is powerful for integrating concepts into experience. Added to this is practicing meditation so children can visualise themselves acting out the new positive behaviour. All children require is a good dose of curiosity and magic tools to tackle an often difficult issue. Many ideas and tools are provided to enable children and adults to find the real magic and turnaround bullying into positive transformation. The Work of Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle are discussed as emerging teaches who are speaking about the power of now (stillness). Meditation in schools is increasing as teachers realise peace comes from within.  This is the real work of the future. The clown simply reminds people that we are here to have fun.  Society will come to understand that when we focus on the positive side of humanity we can transform ourselves, we will come to understand that all conflict is a teacher and all negativity mirrors our own fears at the deepest levels. When we ‘own’ our fear then we can tap into the power right now to deal effectively with conflict and bullying.  This is the beginning of peace.

Amazon link:  Peace or Bullying?

Additional e-books to be published:

  • Peace journalism
  • Worldpeacefull Social business
  • Service Above Self with Rotary
  • Travelling the World for Peace
  • Travelling Australia for Peace
  • Humanitarian Fools in India
  • Transformational Peace