Clowning Around India Journal

In 2012, Humanitarian Clowns Inc. was created by Tim Webster (Timbadim the Clown), after he attended a Caring Clown Trip to Costa Rica with Dr. Patch (Hunter) Adams, where he witnessed first hand the positive affects Humanitarian Clowning has on individuals and communities.

HCA mission is to support local non–government organisations (NGOs) around the world with their projects by combining social clowning and community development. Visit Humanitarian clowns

Tim invited myself to join 15 other clowns to visit the most disadvantaged people in India. We were invited to travel to Vellore in Tamil Nadu in Southern India.

Humanitarian clowns abroad and Seb’s Projects (Indian NGO) collaborated to bring the clowns to India and spread love and joy to isolated and forgotten people. The project was a success and changed all of the clowns as well. All were affected by some aspect of this journey and felt a sense of great satisfaction having connected with thousands of people.

I would like to thank Seb’s Projects for their excellent coordination of our schedule and participation as clowns from time to time. Seb’s Projects educated us about the situation for the most disadvantaged in India. I was impressed by their tireless work with a small team generating great outcomes. They proved that where there is a will there is a way. If you want to know more about their incredible work visit heir website and donate or work with them as a volunteer, you will be most glad you did.

The clowns visited:

* leprosy homes
* palliative care
* isolated communities
* mental health wards
* rehabilitation wards
* paediatrics
* orphanages around the state

This powerpoint presentation provides an overview of our journey. Please spread love and joy.

I would like to thank The Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay for paying for my ticket :o)