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Peacefull the clown was invited to Russia with Dr. Patch Adams in 2002. Peacefull joined 40 other international clowns to spread love and joy in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The clowns visited orphanages, nursing homes, hospitals and street performing. Patch’s purpose for bringing together 40 clowns was to emulate a small tribe and have a group come together to experience community or a family connection. So for him, the microcosm creates the macrocosm.

Please read the comments below from a clown on the trip explaining how he personally experiences clowning. Note all clowns are different but what we share is a love of people and a desire to see others smiling

Clowning is About Love

“…I give as much love as I can and receive lots of love in return. Clowning in Russia is about love, very easy to give but difficult to receive, and I believe the secret is to open up your heart. Open your heart to these children, you’re able to receive their love and in return they can receive your love, [you can] see it in their eyes, smiles on their faces. Every kid touched my heart. The first time I looked at Sasha and he opened up and gave me a big kiss. He is a beautiful, crazy, fun, enamouring, beautiful individual and I love him.”

[description of how he clowns] “…I track someone down and get closer and closer and closer and pretend it is about squeaking my nose on their nose and as they squeak my nose, gaze in each other’s eyes and I look inside their soul and I try to help them open their heart and give love. Open themselves up, to do what you feel inside without the illusion or concern that you may get hurt. To know that the trade off between getting hurt and the rewards from opening up and giving love is very unbalanced…”

A famous quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt

“The only thing you have to fear is fear itself, realise there is nothing to fear. There is only love.”


Photo Album of Russia

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A Slideshow presentation: To Russia With Love.

The slide show presentation provides visual images of the range of clowns and experiences on this life changing trip to Russia.