Dr. Patch Adams (clown doctor) Plenty Valley Montessori School Olympic Village
Professional Mime/observer Nungurner Primary School Tambo Upper Primary School
Steiner School Swan Reach Primary School Metung Primary School
Heatherwood School (special needs) Children’s comments

Testimonial: Dr. Patch Adams

Dear Friends,

Susan Carew went on my annual clown tour to Russia November 1-16, 2002 and we were fortunate to have her radiant self to spread love and fun at the heavy pace I give them.

She shared material and conversation with me of her passion to create world peace and non-violence programs in schools and I was overjoyed.

For decades I have bemoaned all over the world that peace and justice are not taught in schools, now I have read over her business plan to implement a program in Australia and I support it whole heartedly. Not only is it a great leap forward for Australia, it also is a pioneer project for the rest of the world to emulate.

I feel she has the passion to carry it out, contact me if you want to discuss.” www.patchadams.org/

Dr. Patch Adams, Washington, USA

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Testimonials: Plenty Valley Montessori School, Principal

“Plenty Valley Montessori School have gained so much from their involvement in the REAL HOPE program. The children have been encouraged to think deeply about issues related to peace and explore their own beliefs. Some of the writing connected to the work they have done with the Peace Clown has been truly inspirational, illustrating deep thought, and a genuine belief that they have the ability to influence the world for the better. This program has inspired our children to truly believe that they CAN make a difference.” Dianne Davis, Principal

Plenty Valley Montessori, Melbourne, Australia. Contact: (03) 94383202

Testimonials: Plenty Valley Montessori School, Teachers

“Susan Carew has worked closely with the children in my class for the past 9 weeks. during this time she has been able to develop and enhance her pilot programme REAL HOPES. which focuses on the concept of creating a peaceful world – by working on what is within us and others – and also encourages children to become aware of global issues.

As a teacher of one of the classes in this trial programme, I have been in a good position to to evaluate the sessions – by discussing the contents with the children, observing reactions to lessons and offering suggestions of my own to Susan to ‘fine-tune’ the content.

Susan has combined two quite different concepts in order to create an innovative package – Personal development and self-awareness lessons – but presented through a clown’s perspective…The content of the lessons is excellent. there is a good balance of discussion time, presentation of new facts and active involvement. Susan obviously cares deeply about her subject material related to global issues and has really made the children much more aware of the inequalities which exist for children worldwide. I have noticed that the children have more understanding and concern for others in regard to these issues since the program commenced… I have found the programme to be an excellent resource for my work in the classroom… Susan is a wonderful example of someone who practices what she preaches!. IN conclusion, I would like to wish Susan every success with her project. The values she focuses on are those needed for a well rounded and balanced lifestyle and from an environmental and global perspective – perhaps are not taught (or valued) highly enough these days.

Wendy Richmond (Welfare Officer and Cycle Three Teacher)

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Testimonials: Olympic Village Primary School

“It has been a blessing to have Susan at the school. Her presence was felt around the yard and her ideas and teachings started something new. It made us conscious of others; their feelings, dreams and aspirations. It made us realise that we can’t get anywhere alone. That we are all one. Susan achieved all that with a warm and welcoming personality. She welcomed and valued every answer making everybody feel special. She included everyone and connected with the children at a different higher level… Who would have thought such wisdom could come from a clown’s mouth. We feel that what Susan is doing is so important, especially now when everyone thinks of the gratification of one’s self. Hopefully her lessons will make us conscious of our thoughts words and actions and the affect they have on others.”

Teachers: Clare Read, Joanne Pantelidis, Dimitra Panagiotidis

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Testimonials: Nani McMullin, Professional Mime

“I wanted to write a reference for Susan Carew because I have been so impressed with her relationships with the children. Her continual reference to their own contemplating, questioning and searching for the reasons they think the way they do and why.I have known Susan since February 2003 and I immediately felt her vision… Susan’s presentation is as a clown ‘Peacefull’ who laughs, smiles and loves and always has something positive to say about everyone and will look for a positive perspective. I have seen a development of trust, respect and interest and an altered sense of perspective in the classes. the various classes have come to look forward to Peacefull’s visit to their school and I think they see that she is not just saying things out of a text book but that she is the living example of what she talks about…Susan enters the staffroom of each school and in her capacity as a clown, brightens up every person’s day.

I have never personally met a person who is so sure of her vision of peace, love and hope and a plan for turning the whole world around – and, yes, it can be done!”

It is a values based programme that I believe is a missing element in school education at the moment. Susan’s programme is offering an alternative to a culture of violence-based problem solving. I watched and I wondered and I feel that her message has been heard. Now – will the schools follow up. If you require further conversation please contact me on 03-94397572 or 0414944442.

Nani McMullin, Professional Mime. Contact (03) 94397572

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Testimonials: Nungurner Primary School

“It is with pleasure and pride that I have been asked to attest to the skills of Susan Carew who in the persona is ‘Peacefull the Clown’. As the principal of Nungurner Primary School I have accepted the role of writing and promoting the anti-bullying, peace and love program entitled REAL HOPE which I believe to be a unique approach to the teaching of a values based anti-bullying program. The values based program itself spans over several curriculum areas making it an invaluable aid in the promotion of teaching life skills so necessary to the development of the students in our care.

Susan in her role as “Peacefull the Clown” is an effervescent, thoroughly professional presenter/teacher whose grasp of the program shows great depth and appreciation for the role in which she places herself. Her passion for the presentation is infectious and the children have responded very enthusiastically in each of the 8 sessions of the program. Her ability to incorporate humour and clowning skills fosters a unique relationship with audience members.

She questions and responds to children’s enquiries in clear and concise terms, valuing each and every individuals response making each student feel as if they can make a contribution. Every session is very well planned and follows a logical progression. Each session conveys a particular value as its focus and has its own evaluative program built into the session. The uniqueness of using ‘Peacefull the Clown’ as the presenter is in itself an outstanding way to capture her audiences attention from the very first moment she walks into a particular setting. Everyone responds to a clown be they a child or an adult and this makes the message conveyed in the program both acceptable for multi-age groups and indeed multi-cultural groups. The feedback I have received from the 4 schools … has all been of glowing praise both for the program content and the presenter.

This is a quality program driven and presented by Susan with skill and dedication, conveying a deep set passion for what she is endeavouring to achieve and I, myself believe that if the opportunity to expand the scope of the program outside the initial four schools is available every effort should be made to achieve this goal so that so many other children can benefit from exposure to Susan’s outstanding skills and talents.”

David Taylor, Principal, Nungurner Primary School. Contact (03) 51563232

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Testimonials: Tambo Upper Primary School

“REAL HOPE has been running at our school on a weekly basis for the past 8 weeks. A clown called ‘Peacefull’, comes every Tuesday for at least an hour and runs the program for our students in grade 5 and 6.

I have been extremely impressed with the program for the following reasons —

* It focuses on vital life skills – such as responsibility, empathy, awareness, love, honesty and so on.

* It is presented in a fashion that engages children in many different ways —

— very visually exciting (Peacefull’s costume, props)

— lots of different stimuli (video clips, overheads, puppets, magic tricks, etc etc)

— children are actively engaged (role-plays, juggling, discussion, sharing jokes, sharing a massage and so on)

* Every lesson is very well prepared with lots of different activities to keep the children focussed and attentive.

* ‘Peacefull, quickly develops a warm and sincere relationship with the children and they respond to her activities and discussions with lots of enthusiasm.

As a result of the powerful presentation of each lesson I have been able to generate a great deal of healthy discussion with the children. I have also been able to highlight good examples of the various ‘values’. For example – if I notice a situation where a child has been kind to another student I take the opportunity to talk about empathy.

In conclusion – in a world that is so full of selfishness and anger a program such as ‘REAL HOPE’, should be a COMPULSORY part of every schools curriculum!!!


Wes Vague, Principal, Upper Tambo Primary School, (03) 51564327

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Testimonials: Steiner School

“I have had the pleasure of working with Susan Carew, the facilitator of the REAL HOPE program. She delivered this program most successfully to my class of grades 4,5 and 6 from July until September during the 8 week program.

The program is interactive, appropriate and challenged all the children in my class to reflect upon their own situations and behaviours. Susan demonstrated through role-plays and creative dramatisations how they could each solve conflict pro-actively and peacefully.

The messages conveyed in the REAL HOPE program are vital ones. This program is very effective in educating our future generations of the need for peaceful conflict resolution. I look forward to working with Susan again and hope she will be offering this program to schools next year.”

Michelle Martin, Class4-6 Teacher. Contact: (03) 5152 2828

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Testimonials: Swan Reach Primary School


I have great pleasure in writing for Susan in her role as Peacefull the Clown.

Sue has been working with our grades 4/5/6 students over the past 8 weeks in her REAL HOPE program. As her alter ego she has presented the values and ideals of caring, consideration and respect while developing resiliency and self confidence through a range of engaging activities. The students always look forward to her visits and activities.

She has a wonderful manner with the students and is a welcomed guest in the staff room. Her caring nature and sense of fun shines through in all she does.

I would be more than happy to speak to you about Susan’s program so please feel free to contact me on any of the above numbers.

Debbie Nicholls, Principal, Swan Reach Primary. Contact: (03) 51564287

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Testimonials: Metung Primary School

To whom it may concern.

Ms. Carew has been conducting a series of weekly, one hour, lessons at Metung Primary School based on the ‘Real Hope’ program.

During these lessons Ms. Carew has demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm for the project. Her preparation for the lessons is outstanding. She arrives dressed as a clown and is able to integrate her clown role with her lesson delivery. This ensures that the students are highly motivated and are intensely interested in the session.

Ms. Carew has a wonderful relationship with the students and is patient and accepting of their ideas and responses.

the program itself is of great importance to the students and is an integral part of the social skills program at the school.

I do not hesitate in recommending Ms. Carew and the program for use in other schools.

Yours sincerely

Rodney Twining, Principal. Metung Primary School. Contact: 03 51562259

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Testimonials: Heatherwood School (special needs)

“Susan Carew has recently commenced the REAL HOPE program at Heatherwood School in Donvale, for a group of 16 students aged 14 years who have mild intellectual disabilities. Susan, the “Peacefull Clown” has a delightful personality and has warmed very quickly to our students. Her program is values based and promotes healthy attitudes and respect for the needs of all people, with tolerance, empathy, courage and respect being at the heart of program delivery.

Susan has been enthusiastically received by both students and staff and her creative, motivating approach ensures engagement and increased feelings of general happiness and wellbeing. Her program gels well with educational aims of bullying and power struggle reduction, connectedness and building confidence, self esteem and emotional resilience.”

Marion Hadingham, Student Welfare Co-ordinator. Contact (03) 98428512

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Testimonials: The Children

Below are comments from the wonderful children via colourful and inspired cards. I have not corrected the spelling, to me their thoughts are perfect. I was very touched and it inspires me to keep going with this joy which some call work.

Dear Peace clown why do wars start what goes so out of control? Why do people believe what bad things that other people say to them? Why do people care for money so much after all it’s just a piece of metal! From Marina

To the peace clown we had a good time with you. My favourite thing doing with you was love and peace and oneness. When we played games where fun. From Daniel W.

Dear Peace clown! We have enjoyed you being at our school and we have had a lot of fun. Our favourite session with you was responsibility! We have all learnt how to be responsible. We have all agreed that you are the best clown we have ever met!

Brodie, Blong, James, Anthony, Dylan

Dear Susan you are the best clown in the hole wide world. From Jesse

To Peaceful, R.E.A.L. H.O.PE.

To dear Peaceful, Hi Peaceful, you’re s cool and funny. We had lots of fun with you I loved the juggling it was sooooo fun. I still remember the card that you gave us on the first day it was ‘I ask questions because I might be wrong. Ell bye. REAL HOPE From Brianna

To Peaceful Responsibility Empathy Awareness Love Hope Oneness Peace Enjoyment. Dear Peaceful, I have enjoyed your lesons. I now knew REAL HOPE of by heart. Here is a joke Patient: Doctor I feel like a pair of curtains. Doctor: well pull yourself together man. I learned quite a lot from you and I will miss you. From Tyler

To Peaceful, Hi Peaceful you’re so funny you always make my day bright and happy. At the end of the week I just can’t wait till Tuesday. You have taught us so much, my favourite part was when you taught us about awareness, you really inspired me to be more aware of others. It’s the most fun I’ve had at school Mum says I’m not allowed to have fun at school but I know she’s just joking. When I grow up I want to be a clown just like you and visit schools and hospitals. From Hayley

To Hope. I will never for get you. To wonderful clown. I will miss you forever. Love Milissa

Never give up

Dear Peaceful, hope you enjoyed teaching us. We enjoyed you teaching us.

Dear Peaceful, thank you for coming I really enjoyed you at our school and all the weeks were fun. While you taught us responsibility, empathy, awareness, love, honesty, oneness, peace and enjoyment. I hope I see you again and good luck for the future, it was one of my favourite subjects. Love from Fisher p.s. I still have one of your noses

For Peaceful. To Dear Peaceful Thank you for teaching us REAL HOPE and coming and having fun with our class, we all had fun with you and good luck for the future. Good luck Peaceful with the future. Love from Ali.

To Peaceful, hope you had a good time teaching our class and I am going to miss you when you go from your friend. Dwayne

To Peaceful. Dear Peaceful, Thankyou for coming in with us for the last 8 weeks. You’ve got a real sense of humour and a really cool outside air. I really enjoyed doing the following responsibility, empathy, awareness, love, honesty, oneness, peace and enjoyment. Many thanks. Love and all the other stuff. Talsy. Horses rox this world You rox too. Horses rox this whole world.

Peaceful! Peaceful! Peaceful! Dear Peaceful. You are gorgeous (darling). I have had a lot of fun with you every week. I have learn’t how to juggle. From Elyshia . P.S. why don’t eggs tell each other jokes because they will crack up. Bye bye.

Dear Peacful, thank you for teaching our class. I really enjoyed doing the juggling. I am still practicing with two balls, but whenever I try to use three balls I for get to throw the third one. Here is a joke for you, is your refrigerator running cause if it is you better catch it. Love from Jessica

To the Clown Peaceful. How much your kindness meant today. We must conclude, we are overwhelmed with gratitude. From the Clown Class P.S. what is your name?

Hi Peaceful How are you? I will miss you but everyone had lots of fun during the past weeks. Lost of love Amanda. I will miss you Peaceful.

To Dear Peaceful. Well thanks you rock if you didn’t come in we might not no about real hope so thanks a lot for comeing so see ya round. From Beth

For REAL HOPE Dear Peaceful. Thank you for teaching us REAL HOPE You taught me a lot of stuff about world peace and love. Good luck for the future. Hope to see you again. From Amritha

To Peaceful. To Peaceful the clown, thankyou for comeing to our school and teaching us realhope and making us happy. I hope you have a nice time. From Leah

Dear Peaceful. Thank you for teaching us about real hope, I think I’m speaking on behalf of the class when I say this: we enjoyed having you here and telling us your jokes, I practiced juggling because I found it fun and you helped make it happen as well as another friend, thanks lots. Jack

Dear peaceful. Thank you for doing heaps of fun stuff with us. I really enjoyed having you in our classroom. Here is an acrostic poem for you.


Love from Nick

Dear Peaceful, I always had a wonderful time when you were here. Thank you for teaching me about responsibility, empathy, awareness, love, honesty, oneness, peace and enjoyment. Since you like jokes gorgeous so here is one. (Q. What do you call two robbers. A. A pair of knickers.) Love Meggie

To Peaceful. Thank you for teaching us about peace and I have one joke for you. Q. Want a haircut please. A. Certainly. Which one. Thank you for teaching us to juggle and I like your joke. From Adrian.

To Peaceful. Thankyou very much for coming to our school to help us get a better understanding on the way life works. The lesson that stood out to me the most was oneness. I leaned that if we all co-operate we are continuing to create a better world, but having conflict is just driving us backwards. From Brendan Gell. We are the world.

To the cool clown. Thankyou for teaching us for all these weeks. I fond some jokes I think you will like them, we had a great time and I’ll see you again in the future. Love Tom.

To Peaceful. Thanks for coming. From Emmeline

To Peaceful I hope you have had good time in our class room. Love from Angnie

Dear Peaceful. I really enjoyed you coming and doing the REAL HOPE program. I am now able to juggle with three balls. I liked looking at your hats which all had different meanings each week. Goodbye gorgeous, love Stephen. P.S. Sage told me to write that last part.

To Peaceful. Thank you for the GREAT lessons. It’s been really fun. Hey here’s a joke for you. Q. What did the hot dog say when he won the race? Give up? A. I’m a weiner. Hope you had as much fun as I did. See ya. From Brody.

Thanks peaceful (card). Through this letter we would like to say thanks for teaching us. From grade5/6

Peaceful you rock! From Jada

Slick back baby

REAL HOPE is wicked we love it.

Thanks Peaceful, Dylan

Thanks Peaceful you’re the greatest!!!!!!!

Dear Peaceful thanks for teaching us about Real Hope, from Brooke.

Real Hope with you Peaceful is slick to the bone. Jack again.

I loved having you teach me so much!!! Ben

Thanks Peaceful

Will miss you. Sarah

You rock the house down from Mark.

Dear Peaceful, I really enjoyed REAL HOPE

And I love your hats. Bronnie.

You Rule! Will


Thank you for teaching us REAL HOPE.

Thank you heaps for coming 2 our skool!!1 U Rock from Emily .

Dear Peaceful. It has been great having you come along to our school and teach us about why we need peace and love in the world hope to see you soon. We had great fun juggling with you !!!! PS.. Q. what’s black and white and red all over?? A. A Newspaper Ha Ha ha ha?? Bye bye from Katrina xxoo

Hello Gorgeous,

Peaceful I really loved it when you came to our school, and talked to us about bullies. Every Tuesday you came. I enjoyed it. I loved the jokes you told. Q. wana hear a dirty joke A. a boy fell in the mud. C ya later gorgeous. LovE Danielle

Peacefull. Dear Peacefull. I really liked the REAL HOPE program it made me learn to be kinder to people. You always make me laugh it was fun having you here, we will all miss you. From Jessie. Made especially for you darling. By Jessie.

Dear Peaceful. I loved the program you did on real hope. It was great. I love the love lesson it was the best. I learnt that if you don’t care and love a baby when it is young they will not be happy growing up. Love from Mahli. What did the hungry dalmation say when it had finished its meal? That hit the spots.

Dear Peaceful. You have taught us heaps of cool stuff like:

1. Responsibility

2. Empathy

3. Awareness

4. Love

5. Honesty

6. Oneness

7. peace

8. Enjoyment

and thanks for that.

From Casandra P.S. Here is a joke. Early one morning in the middle of the night two dead men got up to fight back to back they faced each other drew their swords and shot each other.

Dear Peaceful. I had a great time while you were here. I hope I will see you again and you can teach us again some time. Thank you for teaching us about responsibility, empathy, awareness, love, honesty, oneness, peace and enjoyment. Love from David. GOODBYE Peaceful.

REAL HOPE Dear Peacefull, thank u 4 teaching us all R.E..A.L. H.O.P.E. I will miss u dearly luv Maroto. Bye

Dear Peaceful. I really enjoyed the REAL HOPE program and you have made me feel much better and able to share my feelings with others. I have learnt a lot, and it’s sad to see you go. Love from Lainey

To Peaceful. Hello gorgeous Peaceful. I liked the juggling some of you silly costumes and the picture of the earth and atomic bomb. Thank you David.

Real Hope. Mr Peaceful Sun. Mrs Peaceful Sun. Mr & Mrs Peaceful Sun! To gorgeously peaceful. You’ve taught us a lot. I’ve never had so much fun during class. I have learnt a lot but these words definitely helped “the bullies are trying to get your power form you!” “don’t be scared” here’s a good couple of riddles. A man walked into a bar funny very funny here’s another “a man was walking down the street it started raining but he didn’t mind because not one hair on his head got wet why? Answer: he was bald. Love Belhanie. P.s. I loved your hats!

Peaceful. Hello gorgeous. Peaceful, ever since you came to this school you have given me an understanding of the ‘bullies’ and how all they want is my power, and now I can cope better with bullies. Every Tuesday I enjoy your session with us and I enjoy the jokes! Q. What don’t you say on a plane? A. Hi jack.

C ya later gorgeous! Love, Bethany

Dear Peaceful! To gorgeous! I’ve really enjoyed you coming to our school and teaching us REAL HOPE I haven’t been here for many sessions but I have had a great time. You have taught our class a lot of things. My favourite thing was the juggling. Thank-you for coming to our school, I’ve had heaps of fun. Love Sage!

Dear Peaceful, Thankyou for coming to our school and teaching us about REAL HOPE. My favourite part was the juggling and I really understood how to cope with bullying. Here’s a joke for you gorgeous! This man had a car crash he lost his left leg and his left arm, but he’s all right now! Love from Kelsey

Dear Peaceful. You are the best in the hole world. I love you. Carrie.

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