Travelling the World for Peace Albums

On June 23 2010, I embarked on a world trip. I travelled 20 countries in 6 months. The aim of the journey was to work on peace on a number of levels. The first was inner peace, to face my fears. The second was to observe the environment from the sky and on the ground, the third was to explore sacred sites to understand the mysteries of our planet and the forth, was to be a World Peace Clown and meet the people. I wanted to see if clowns can transcend international boundaries. What I found was that the clown is a universal symbol of peace and friendship.

Is peace possible is no longer my question, peace is already here. We just have to get to know each other, resolve conflicts nonviolently and seek to understand/accept differences in language, culture and respect those differences without trying to change people. I would like to see traditional customs respected as the world has definitely become globalised and within that a capitalist style of trading which is increasingly causing problems environmentally and culturally. If globalisation can be utilised as a means to reach across boundaries, to understand others, to work together as a global community to solve problems such as poverty, diseases etc. and learn how to live in harmony within a balanced ecological footprint, then peace will arise naturally. Now is the right time and all our efforts are essential. What we see in our world is a mirror. We are indeed one world.

Here are photo’s of my world trip. Choose a country or sit down and watch the slide shows whilst you join me clowning around the world. What a blast… woo hoo

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My book a Fool for Peace can be found here.

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