Costa Rica: Around Santa Elena and Quaker Talent Quest at School

I travelled to Santa Elena, stayed in a hostel. Then went to visit the Quaker school. They were uncertain if they could fit me in. I had no idea where to stay but felt intuitively have to find a place for free if I stay a week or move on. Turns out as I was walking away I walked with this lady and she just offered me a bungalow to stay in. She was indeed a godsend. I did a clowning fun talk and was asked to join in the talent night, got everyone up laughing and stamping their feet in a tantrum. I love that.

Santa Elena is on the edge of the cloud forest a place of extraordinary diversity, a biological wonder. It rained a lot whilst I was there and nothing dried, I was amazed at the water content in the air. When it rained it was bucketing down. I made new friends there and also taught at Creativa school. This was significant as I was in Costa Rica, a peaceful country and on the International Day of Peace I am teaching peace. That for me is heaven.