Rotary Peace & Conflict Studies – Bangkok

In 2008 Rotary awarded myself a scholarship, chosen from a worldwide candidacy, to study Peace and Conflict Studies in Bangkok, Thailand.

   “I hope that through this program, peace is not just a piece of paper…but a practical tool to end possible conflicts.”

— Bhichai Rattakul, Member, The Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees, 2004-08

The Program structure for peacemakers, as follows:

Module I: Introduction to Concepts and Values of Peace and Conflict Studies;
Module II: Diagnosis and Analysis;
Module III: Conflict Resolution: Skills, Approaches, and Strategies;
Module IV: Transforming Conflict: Building a Sustainable Peace

This powerpoint below was a workshop developed by myself Susan Carew and other Rotary peace fellows to teach peace to young people in Bangkok.  It was successful.  This program needs to be supported and expanded worldwide so other children gain the opportunity to learn peaceful skills.  This has to become a priority globally if our world is to sustain life in the future.

When peace is supported globally we can turn this earth ship around.

This is a presentation of Global Peacemakers in Bangkok.  It is the training presentation for the American School of Bangkok.  Susan and other peacemakers showcased peace education training.


Download (PPT, 3.78MB)

The following presentation outlines the experience in Cambodia. It can be slow uploading.


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