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Susan Carew is a professional public speaker who shares with audiences ‘how to be unique and make a real difference by Being Yourself’!  Susan’s life experience is unique in the world. Susan wishes to take you on a journey where she discovered, as a World Peace Clown (Fool), that she does indeed have power to change the world by changing herself. She realised the world is out to do her good!


Susan has been invited as a speaker to Conferences, organisations and schools.  Susan has had a wide ranging background experiencing the inner workings of 400 companies in Australia and the UK. She is a trained economist and market analyst for a decade.  She dreamed she was teaching peace and this is where her life completely shifted from the mainstream known world to the unknown world of teaching peace as a way of life in a myriad of ways.  The dream literally catapulted her out of the mundane into the ridiculous.  She became a World Peace Clown (fool) for Peace as she calls herself.  She recommends to everyone to Awaken the Fool in themselves.

Booking Susan aka Peacefull (fool) will kick off a necessary conversation about peace in our world and how we can all make peace a real outcome in life.  Teaching peace is critical for the future of children, sustainability, peace building (transforming bullying), business and the importance of people learning how to work together to achieve their real success. We can all make a difference, it doesn’t take money it takes a commitment and passion to make it happen not only for ourselves but for our children.

These conversations will be a breath of fresh air for those who have never considered the possibility of peace, clowning and sustainability.  There is nothing you cannot achieve when you focus clearly.

The purpose of public speaking is to Awaken the Fool to REAL HOPE for a World-Peace-Full.  To know that any fool can change the world!  Perhaps it is time to be a real fool, this is highly recommended!!


    • Clowning Around is Peace in Action
    • Principled Nonviolence is Peace
    • Proactivism is Positive Peace in Action
    • Universal Peace Education – focusing on the REAL HOPE program
    • Peace or Bullying?
    • Service Above Self With Rotary
    • Travelling Australia for Peace
    • Travelling with Humanitarian Fools to India
    • Peace Journalism
    • Transformative Peace
    • The International SPEAK UP Award
      (Empowering children in peace building and sustainability)


Her unique journey and turning points are as follows:

In 1998 she dreamed she was teaching peace.  In 2000 she became a clown and visited hospitals for the fun of giving love to those sick and trapped in hospital.

In 2001 she moved to Melbourne and was faced with a crossroad:

Do I stay in my career of market research (security) or do I go for a vocation in the Peace area that has no career path?

Seek first to understand peace …

In 2002, Susan chose peace and studied Peace Studies with a world expert on Gandhi, Dr. Tom Weber, from La Trobe University.  This opened her world to mediation, conflict resolution and principled nonviolence.  At the end the year, Susan dressed as a clown and went to the university.  She asked people ‘what do you think of peace in yourself and peace in the world – is there a connection?’ She wrote down the answers.  At the end of that day she felt she was a World Peace Clown.  She wondered ‘who else is a world peace clown?’.  She Googled and found Dr. Patch Adams and wrote to him.  Why not? Maybe one day we can clown together.

Experience what peace really is …. why not clown for peace?

In 2002, Susan was invited to clown in Russia with the famous clown Doctor Patch Adams (played by Robin Williams in the movie).  She joined an international team of 40 clowns learning selfless service.  She visited orphanages, nursing homes, baby houses, hospitals and on the streets and public transport in Russia. She learned how to create the love revolution. She saw the connection between clowning and peace as love in action.

In 2004, Susan felt inspired to create REAL HOPE for children in schools …

She returned to Australia feeling empowered. She felt inspired to create a peace education program.  Susan spent the next few years pioneering in schools a unique peace education program.  She has come to understand that in order to change behaviour you must instill universal values.  Susan has written and produced the first experiential, values based peace, nonviolence and anti-bullying program called REAL HOPE(S).  An acronym for: Responsibility, Empathy, Awareness, Love, Honesty, Oneness, Peace, Enjoyment and Service.  This program is unique in that it is taught by a World Peace Clown in the language of children who relate to fun and exploration:

  • Universal values; • Problem solving: brainstorm and critical inquiry; • Conflict resolution: mediation, I-statements, role plays, personal inquiry; • Humour: positivity, learning  non-discriminatory humour for unity; • Philosophy and facts; • Emotional intelligence, expression of emotions and feelings; • Communication and listening skills; • Perception and awareness; • Non-violence and Gandhi’s example; • Cooperation and unity; • War and peace issues; • Inclusive, exclusive and discriminatory behaviours; • Peace as active, balanced and calm; • Enjoyment through clowning and juggling • Visualisation and relaxation (meditation).

In 2005, Susan thought why not peace building in workplaces …

She set up a social business entitled ‘Worldpeacefull’ which harnesses her vision of a world peace full.  Susan saw clearly that the bullying issue in workplaces is because of the powerlessness people feel.  Many feel they have no say and can unwittingly attract bullying as those who seek power over others enjoy helpless targets. Her background in transformative peace which is about turning around conflict and inner inquiry gives people the ability to resolve their own issues either independently or as part of a conflict resolution process.  Her programs essentially dealt with conflict, bullying and wellbeing.  She is available to talk to organisations about this important subject and effective ways to stop it.  Visit

In 2007-8, another turning point occurred…

The Rotary Peace & Conflict Studies Program, Bangkok, Thailand. Susan was doing dress ups with a Laughter Club friend in front of a shop. They went in and clowned around for fun.  They met the birthday boy who happened to be the President of Rotary.  Well after a submission to study in Bangkok, a radio interview and a funny interview dressed as a clown with Rotary representatives, Rotary decided they would award, the first World Peace Clown, to study on the Rotary Peace & Conflict Studies Program.

In 2010, Susan realised if she is a World Peace Clown she must travel the world … then Australia … then India!!

In 2010, Susan travelled to 20 countries as a World Peace Clown. She visited schools, universities, hospitals and groups.

In 2011, Susan decided to travelled around Australia offering peace and sustainability education to schools.

In 2012, Susan was invited to travel to India with Humanitarian clowns. The clowns visited abandoned women at Mother Theresa’s Missionary of Charity, HIV school, Deaf and Dumb school, blind children, Leprosy communities, hospitals, orphanages, tribal communities, bonded labour communities and NGO’s doing amazing work with those disadvantaged.  We witnessed how clowning can open hearts and generate a sense of friendship and unity in diversity.

In 2013-2015, she made peace with Rotary …

In 2013, Susan attended the Rotary Peace Forum in Hawaii and visited with peace educators in the United States teaching REAL HOPE at the University of San Diego. She clowned on the streets.

In 2014, She was invited to travel with Rotarian Peter Hall, Rotary Club of Kyneton to Nepal to work on Cultures of Peace and clowning to build understanding, goodwill and peace.

In 2015, Susan was invited by Judy and John Stafford from the Rotary Club of Naracoorte to undertaken peace building in South Australia.  She taught peace education, clowning around, visited nursing homes and peace building with Hazara refugees and leaders/community in a spirit of fun and humour.

In 2016, Susan realised that peace must be in the media …

In 2016, Susan started SPEAK UP 4 Oneness Media (Blog Talk Radio) affiliated with Awake 2 Oneness radio in the USA. This was a pilot program. This work built on her years on community radio speaking about peace.

If peace is to part of who we are, we must teach peace in early childhood …

In 2016-18 she is working on early childhood education and peace in young children as a foundation. She will work on a peace centre for young children over the next few years.

The journey, learnings and actions of peace must be visible in books … it is time to tell the peace story …

She has written her manuscript called a Fool for Peace.  From this manuscript detailing her experience as a World Peace Clown a further 12 e-books were produced to share the message.  Peace is not only possible it is inevitable when we all choose to be the change we wish to see.  (see Author for e-books). All proceeds from e-book sales go towards peace. The manuscript is free (pdf).

To further action Peace children must be inspired to work on peace in their locality and around the world!!  SPEAK UP was created …

In 2017/18 she is planning to travel the world to establish the International SPEAK UP Award refer

To book Susan aka Peacefull to speak please contact 0409071030 or make an online booking Email:




Over the years I’ve been invited to speak to the public about my work. My intention with public speaking is to introduce a new way to engage, as a clown, and bring up unique ideas and ways of seeking the world. My style is to engage the audience and bring love to the room. Moreover, I never follow a script preferring to speak authentically and informatively about what I have discovered about peace, education and the world.

Public speaking engagements are as follows:

Keynote Speaker:

  • Connecting Rural Business Women – Annual Conference
  • Golden Key International Honour Society keynote speaker, University of Southern Queensland. Inspiring young leaders through working for peace, Patch Adams and clowning around the world. Inducted as a honorary member (2014)
  • Rotary International District 9710 Conference, Sussex Inlet, lunchtime speaker
  • Rotary District 9800 Conference, Keynote ‘Make Dreams Real’, Launceston, Tasmania
  • Rotary District 9780 Conference, ‘Advance the Dream’, Ballarat Mercure Inn, Ballarat
  • Rotary D9520 District Conference in Adelaide, District Governor 2009-10
  • The Positive Steps to Peace, for self, family and community.   Supported by: Unitarian Peace Memorial Church, Buncorp Pty Ltd., Melbourne City Council


  • ‘One Bite at the Cherry’ 2007 Empowering Social Action For Climate Change, Workshop with UNESCO on Values Education

Rotary Clubs:

Presentations with Rotary were to discuss and inform Rotarians about my REAL HOPE peace, nonviolence and anti-bullying program, study on the Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program, Bangkok, Thailand and my world trip.

  • Rotary Club of Canterbury, presentation about the Rotary Peace & Conflict Studies Program, Thailand
    Rotary Foundation meeting, la Trobe University
  • Rotary Club of Werribee, Melbourne
  • Rotary Club of Brimbank, Melbourne
  • Rotary, Moonee Valley Rotary, Melbourne
  • Rotary Club of Camberwell, Melbourne
  • Rotary Club of Altona City, Melbourne
  • Rotary Club of Preston, Melbourne
  • Rotary Club of Mt Martha, Victoria
  • Rotary Club Keilor East, Victoria
  • Rotary Club of Tuggeranong, ACT
  • Rotary Canberra Sunrise, ACT
  • Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, Perth, Western Australia
  • Rotary Club of Applecross, Perth, Western Australia
  • Presentation to Rotary International Dinner, Western Australia
  • Rotary Club of Busselton, Western Australia
  • Rotary Club of Western Endeavour, Western Australia
  • Rotary Club of Mandurah, Western Australia
  • Presentations to a range of Rotary Clubs in Adelaide
  • Presentation to a range of rural Rotary Clubs in South Australia
  • Rotary Club of Port Loma, United States
  • Rotary Club of Greensborough Central, Melbourne
  • Rotary Club of Rosanna, Melbourne
  • Rotary Club of Southbank, Melbourne


  • Speaker, Conference on Perspectives on International Peace and Reconciliation, University of Melbourne
  • University of Sydney, Invited by the Sydney Peace Foundation to discuss World Peace Clown travelling to schools
  • Victoria University, Inclusive Behaviours workshops.  Speaking about the REAL HOPE program
  • University of Melbourne, Beyond Violent Futures:  Cultivating peace, Queen’s College, workshop presentation on REAL HOPE.
  • Victoria University, Inclusive Behaviours workshops.  Speaking about the ‘REAL HOPE program
  • La Trobe University, workshop on values based education and clowning for post-graduates
  • University of Queensland, The Art of Transformative Peace, Conflict Studies Group, Australian Peace and Conflict Studies Centre. 


  • Presentation for the City of Darebin Travelling the World for Peace
  • Presentation for the City of Whittlesea on Cultures of Peace
  • Public Speaking for City of Maribyrnong on Clowning, Patch Adams and having fun
  • Banyule Council, Volunteers Lunch – presentation on Patch Adams, Russia


  • The Community Fun Day, MC and presenter, Lakes Entrance Rotunda, Victoria
  • Quakers Nonviolence Gathering, ‘Peace Education’, Queensland
  • Quakers AGM, speaking on ‘Peace and Education’, South Australia
  • Quakers AGM, speaking on ‘REAL HOPE education and clowning’, Melbourne
  • Oxfam – a talk about ‘Values Education and Clowning in Russia’, Melbourne
  • International Volunteers Day, Bethlehem Hospital, Caulfield – speaker, Melbourne
  • The Smith Family, Presentation and workshop with troubled children
  • The Royal Talbot Hospital, Workshop into ‘Presenting Creatively and with Empathy’, Melbourne
  • Women’s Day, Diamond Valley Learning Centre – a talk on Peace and clowning and presenting a radio simulcast PVFM, Melbourne
  • Red Cross, clowning workshops for readers club , Melbourne
  • CERES Environmental Park, Melbourne Social Forum, talk on ‘Is a Culture of Peace Possible’
  • Melbourne Social Forum, presentation on ‘Lateral Thinking for Positive Futures’
  • Police Community Consultative Committee, Cultures of Peace, Melbourne
  • Humanist Society, ‘The Art of Transformative Peace’, Melbourne
  • Act on Peace, Christmas Bowl, National Council of Churches, speaking about Thailand, clowning and peace, Melbourne
  • Malkara Special School, ACT
  • Yarra Plenty Library, Watsonia, ‘World Peace Clown Day, Melbourne
  • Presentation to Naracoorte Mayor, Citizens and Hazara people, South Australia
  • Presentation to teachers, Mt Gambier, South Australia
  • Presentation to the Probis Club of Mandurah, Western Australia


  • Presentation to university teachers in Bangkok on ‘Peace Education’, Thailand
  • Presentation to medical staff at Chulalongkorn Hospital on ‘Emotional Intelligence and Patch Adams’, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Presentation on ‘Travelling the world ‘ highlighting Kashmir situation to students at Gujarat Vidyapith University (founded by Gandhi), Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Teaching peace to children in Friends school, Costa Rica, Central America
  • Presentation to Quaker community, Costa Rica, Central America
  • Presentation and teaching peace to children in La Paz, Bolivia, South America
  • Presentation to the University of San Diego peace post graduate students, United States


  • CBS News (Russia), filmed clowning in Russian hospital, Moscow, Russia
  • Interviewed by Channel 10, Clowning at the Austin Hospital, Melbourne
  • Interviewed by ABC radio ‘Clowning in Russia’, 774 program, Melbourne
  • Interviewed by Regional ABC radio, ‘REAL HOPE program’ in Gippsland area, Victoria
  • Interviewed by the Heidelberg Leader, ‘Department of Peace, Peace Education and clowning’
  • Interviewed by ABC Radio 666, Clowning and the Environment, Canberra
  • Interviewed on radio 2CC Canberra, Clowning and Patch Adams, Canberra
  • Interviewed by 3WBC discussing peace issues, Melbourne
  • Interviewed by ABC Regional Radio in Mount Gambier to discuss local and international peace issues, peace education in schools, clowning with Hazara refugees and why peace is important. The ABC recording is below.

Send in the peace clown 12/03/2013 , 2:12 PM by Selina Green (Photo – Tasha Impey) When you hear the word clown – what do you immediately think of? Funny, silly people in bright costumes? Perhaps the circus, or the rodeo? But what about “peacefull”?   It’s not a term we would usually associate with clowning around, but Susan Carew is using the age old art of clowning around to spread a message of peace in the community. As Peacefull the Clown, she’s visiting clubs and schools around Naracoorte this week to do workshops with the local community. Stan Thomson asks her how peace clowns differs from other clowns…..Download audio

This week we had a very entertaining and uplifting visit from Susan Carew who is a Rotary Peace Scholar who dresses as a Clown to get her message across. Susan is a former economist who in 1998 had a “dream of teaching peace”.  She has since travelled the world to convey her message of peace…Susan strongly believes that in order to achieve peace it requires us to first find peace within ourselves. This requires us all to use the power of positive thinking to find peace within, then the outside changes. ‘Peace is about connection between people. True peace is not achieved by legal treaties and political solutions.’ It was great to see a person so passionate and dedicated to making the world a better place!   Rotary Club of Western Endeavour