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‘Be the Change You Want to See in the World’ (Gandhi)

I would love to hear from you. We are all one community. So it is important we connect to our own empowerment.

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Jason Lasky for technical help with the web site. Couldn’t have done this without you. Thanks for your wonderful energy and enthusiasm and particularly your belief in me. Thank you for paying for the continual fees on this site to ensure my work is visible.

Linda Trucchi for creating the original design of this web site. Thanks for your patience, your creative flair and reliability and for being the beautiful person you are.

There is another person who re-created this web-site out of kindness, he has asked not be acknowledged. Without his work I wouldn’t have been able to share these thoughts and offer society my vision.

I am reminded that peace is a collective effort. It is never done alone. I am simply carrying a vision that others share.