Ireland: Dublin

Travelled to Ireland. This was particularly interesting for me as my family has Irish origins. I did look up the family tree in the library and their are Carew’s in Ireland I found out. I met with Rotarians and spoke about my world trip. One, Patricia came for tea and ended up finding me a bed and breakfast for free. She even found me free tickets to Celtic Rising. Her secretary at work offered to give me a place to stay. I met with the Irish Quakers and Robert kindly gave me a place to sleep for a few days. He came clowning with me on the streets and organised for me to clown with Clown Doctors at a Dublin hospital. I met a homeless man who had been in business and found himself bankrupt on the street and had not seen his 6 children. I told him he was not a failure, he had succeeded in surviving. I told him I’d write his story, which I did and sent it to a paper. The financial crisis hit some people hard.