Peru: Cusco Clowning

Cusco has a population 312,140. Many travels come here on their way to Machu Pichu, the great Inca village in the mountains.

I met a lovely guy in a travel shop. He said he was into happiness, I said I was also. I told him to come clowning with me, he agreed and set up a visit to the local hospital and I then went on to the special needs hospital.

I saw a homeless lady here. I was with Jose the guy at the hotel. He translated for me, she was in a phone box. I held her hand and asked her about her life. She had no money and clothes. I offered to give her mine and gave some money. I tried to tell her that she is loved. After we left her she ran down the road Jose told me. I just felt for her, she was indigenous. Not an easy life transiting from villages to capitalist style societies.