Scotland: Orkney Islands Sacred Sites

We travelled by ferry to the Orkney Islands. The water was not that rough but it was very cold. However, this is the northeast part of the British Isles and could be bitterly cold. We came during summer. It was fascinating to see the sacred burial sites and the markers of standing stones. There was deep sacred significance and links to the solstices. There is not a great deal of knowledge of the meaning. I remember being in the Maes Howe burial mound. You had to crouch to get through the narrow passage into a small dark room. There were rune markings scratched into the wall and you could see where the remains of people were kept in stone boxes that would have been sealed. Jo and I crawled into another burial mound that was free, we sat there and talked. I wondered about the spirits around and sent my own blessings. You can feel the significance of these sites. I am still researching what these mean, but it was fascinating.