United States

Chicago is the third biggest city in the USA with a population of 2,851,268. New York is the biggest with 8,391,881. Total population of the United States is estimated at 307,006,550. I did notice in Miami some of the signs are changing to environmental and social justice issues. It would be great to see more of that, this is leading the world.

I loved Chicago stayed with Carly and her husband Ross in a condominium in the middle of Chicago. Carly is wanting to interview inspiring women. She is wanting to make a difference. Really lovely woman. Her place is close to everything, I was in walking distance of the city. On my world trip this was the place I gave out the most money $150 to people who asked. Even when we were driving a lady had broken down and I gave her money for petrol. I spoke to a guy who was told there was no work today (he was asking for some from me). I asked him what was the story, he said the boss just decides on the day if work is on, if not he is not paid. He said he has a son and can’t make ends meet. The wages are very low he said and work is hard to find. Another homeless guy I hugged and gave him one of my fun balls for his son. Another lady who needed money told me she need to get registered to work and that cost money. Funny I felt the need in the US greater than India. Yet I suspect the needs are different. I was thinking about a system where welfare is limited and the mindset of economic rationalism that basically says you have to make your own way in the world. Work hard and you will get rich. There are also discrimination and apathy where people give up. I had plenty to reflect on there.

I went out to Park Ridge and stayed with William and met his boys.