Kashmir: Srinagar

This album depicts Kashmir which is to the north of India. The populaton of (Indian Administered Kashmir) Kashmir is 5.4 million and Jammu 4.4 million. They are both capital cities that swap every 6 months. The population is predominantly muslim (77%) although there was an original tradition of sufism. Srinagar city where I stayed has a population of 894,940 people. During most of my time there we were under military curfew imposed by the Indian Government. It was very tense. I observed barbed wire, armoured cars, trucks full with soldiers and soldiers virtually on every corner, even to my surprise in paddocks. This presence was evident all the way to Jammu, although not as tense there as the people in Jammu are hindu pundits.

The photos are of myself and a friend, she is trying to give me an experience as much as Srinigar as she can. Her work is human rights and her message to the world is to give the Kashmir people independence and for the Indian soldiers to return to India. Their history is one of great suffering, as was the Indian experience under the British.

Kashmir is known as the Jewel of Asia. It is considered similar to the Swiss Alps. I was not disappointed at the majestic himalayas. I found the people similar to the Afghans and persians. Kashmir was connected to the silk route. Many traders came through Kashmir and they are accustomed to different nationalities. When I was there I was the only westerner as it was tense. They were surprised to see a western woman drive and mostly the three of us (my friend and cousin) got around on a motor bike.