Flying into Cancun was a real experience. I saw forest as far as the eyes can see. It was a beautiful image, one I could imagine across the entire planet.

The population of Mexico is 107,431,230 and Cancun approximately 400,000 – 500,000. It is a popular tourist destination which is clear given the high rise buildings and presence of multi-nationals. Apparently many come from Miami.

I met Leon at a bus station and then he came to me with a taxi. I stayed at his place a few days and he bought some traditional Mexican food. He lived in a humble home with a single pipe for water and a plug in stove. He lived in poor circumstances but I saw him as lovely and kind. I had a blow up bed and it was very warm. They lived in houses that were square, apparently they build upwards, you can put on the next story. Cancun is interesting as it is part Americanised (wealthy tourism) and the other part locals. I wanted to see the real Mexico so staying with a local was really great. He advised me to go to Talum and Chichen Itza, the Mayan Pyramids (in next album).