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Dear Friends and Supporters,

To me all people that visit this site are friends. We are here to re-member together. To know we are love in essence and that we are one family. Everyone’s support is needed if we are to create peace in the world. It is in your hands.

There is a wise saying –

If you want to know if what you are saying or doing is creating peace or conflict, then imagine what would happen if everybody did it.

So if everyone criticised each other, what would happen? If everyone watches violent TV or video games what happens? If people don’t care for each other, what happens? If they think only survival of the fittest what happens? If everyone cheats? If everyone lies? etc. on and on…

Just imagine – if everyone sees each other as themselves, makes positive comments, surround children with love and empowerment, forgive, practice fearless, show patience, be loving, help others in need and to see everyone as their friend or family. What sort of world would we create?

I can guarantee you (don’t need a disclaimer here), it would be vastly different to this world. This is what shifting from a fear based consciousness to a love based consciousness does. Remember fear closes down, ignores. fights, conceals whereas love opens up, expands, shares, reveals, stays, cares and heals. All we have to do is choose, then act.


So you are invited to re-member. If you want to be on our mailing list , send an email to:

Project Partners and Sponsors

OWN has the expertise and is seeking project partners. Many of the projects discussed on this website are conceptual and do require funding to get them off the ground (take off).

If you are a philanthropist or a person who wishes to invest your money or energy in something worthwhile then please consider the peace projects on this site. For any enquiries or further information please email: