Slide Show


The REAL HOPE program runs over 8 weeks and has been launched in Melbourne schools in 2003. Please find a slide show highlighting some wonderful moments from the program.

Some comments from teachers during the program…

“The reference to Third World Countries – it’s something that I am trying to make the kids aware of. The poverty and differences in life-style and how much that affects a life. Our pupils are so privileged and they tend to take everything that they have for granted. I have found them to be very receptive to discussion about children from other backgrounds and they have really developed empathy for others through these discussions”

“Good introduction – revision and jokes, clown helper a great idea. Facts interesting. Activities – good variety. Referral back to them. Six of the best – great”

“The whole concept of ‘putting yourself in someone’s shoes’ was good and the costume gave you a good talking point. I liked your casual beginning, getting the kids to tell jokes etc. The brainstorms are really great and its good to see more children volunteering answers”

” I’m loving the excerpts from Gandhi, they’re really thought provoking”

“Allowing the children to add to brainstorming and all have a say. Coverage of truth with each other advertising was a good connection. Enjoyed juggling at the beginning”

“I liked that the children were told its in their hands to create peace”