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WorldPeacefull is the vision of Peacefull aka Susan Carew.   WorldPeacefull is dedicated to the principles of unity, empowerment and shared stewardship of the earth.

WorldPeacefull is  social business focused on facilitating peaceful attitudes and behaviours in young children and the community in social/emotional intelligence, positivity, nonviolence, sustainablity and wellbeing.    The clown or the fool is the archetype of peace and unconditional acceptance of all people.

WorldPeacefull is inspired by the Vision of UNESCO’s Culture of Peace. UNESCO calls for a new programme on Culture of Peace and Non-Violence

…the culture of peace and non-violence is a commitment to peace-building, mediation, conflict prevention and resolution, peace education, education for non-violence, tolerance, acceptance, mutual respect, intercultural and interfaith dialogue and reconciliation. It is a conceptual as well as a normative framework envisaged to inspire thoughts and actions of everyone. Therefore, it requires cognitive as well as the emotional abilities to grapple with our own situation in a rapidly changing world as well as with the emerging world society. This aim entails not just more factual knowledge, but also the broadening of our consciousness and the willingness to develop a new awareness, a new way of being in this world, a new “mental mapping”.

Attitudes and behaviours of peace and harmony will naturally lead us to action sustainability.  Solutions become visible when catalysed through positive values and the desire to live in harmony with each other and nature.

Susan Carew or Peacefull/fool, the creator of WorldPeacefull is a Rotary Scholar and completed the Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies program in Bangkok, Thailand. She is a graduate in Peace Studies from La Trobe University. Susan has an Economics and Marketing degree from Griffith University. Susan is a qualified market research analyst. Susan has conducted research into the areas of: peace, non-violence and laughter in relation to conflict resolution, anti-bullying and world peace.

Susan was invited by the American Clown Doctor, Dr. Patch Adams to clown in Russia with an international team of clowns refer https://www.worldpeacefull.com/patch-adams/. Some may recall the movie called Patch Adams played by Robin Williams. The clowns visited orphanages, hospitals, nursing homes, shopping centres and were a visible presence on the streets of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The purpose of clowning in this context was to create connection, joy and unity between people. The experience reinforced change through action. To create something you have to ‘be’ it or lead by example, as Gandhi stated:

‘To be the Change You Wish to See in the World ’

Susan (Peacefull) has entertained the public as a World Peace Clown in hospitals and public spaces since 2000. The purpose of clowning is to bring laughter, healing and joy to create a sense of unity between people. Clowning also facilitates personal development in respect of learning unconditional love and self confidence refer https://www.worldpeacefull.com/clowning-around/

She has recently travelled the world as a World Peace Clown visiting 20 countries in 6 months refer http://blog.worldpeacefull.com/. Moreover, as a Rotary Scholar she travelled through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and studied conflicts.She also clowned in a refugee camp, slum, HIV clinic, Mental Health Hospital and presented workshops on healing and humour to health professionals in Thailand. It was the first time clowning in hospitals had been undertaken in Thailand.

Susan has travelled around Australia offering her work in peace education and sustainability refer http://aus.worldpeacefull.com/

Susan aka Peacefull teaches peace education with a focus on sustainability, values and anti-bullying. The REAL HOPES anti-bullying program was developed for primary school children with a focus on values. This program is the first of its kind designed from a framework or foundation of values and experiential activities embodying peaceful behaviours, skills in nonviolence and positive values. An anti-bullying stream runs through the program helping children to integrate resiliency thorugh strategies and empowerment through positive self esteem. The program is taught by Peacefull the clown. The archetype of the clown is a role model for peaceful behaviour that is fun and inclusive of others.  Refer School Programs http://schools.worldpeacefull.com/

There are a range of workshops for Professional Development that you could consider: Anti-bullying, Conflict Resolution, Clowning Around, Happiness 4 Life, Humour, Positivity and Healing, Laugh Out Loud workshops. Refer Funny business corporate workshops http://biz.worldpeacefull.com/.  Workshops can be tailored for children.

In celebration of – World Peace Day (21 September), Harmony days (21 March) and International Day of Non‑Violence on (2 October)   WorldPeacefull offers a World Peace Day to contribute to world understanding of a Culture of Peace (refer UNESCO). She also has broadened her work to include sustainability as part of a values framework.  Refer http://schools.worldpeacefull.com/peace-education/world-peace-day/

To foster democracy A Children’s Forum is available to enable children to have a voice, to exchange ideas with other children and enable them to solve their own problems. Your school can join the forum or as an inhouse Artist in Residence can utilise the forum to identify underlying issues that affect children and instigate dialogue. Topics could include: bullying, making friends, values, democracy, problem solving and having fun etc. Moreover, the forum can be run in a workshop setting and/or on-line.  See the online forum on the website refer https://www.worldpeacefull.com/childrens-discussion-forum/

Susan has been invited as a public speaker at Rotary International Conferences and has spoken with community groups and across the world to students. She was invited to speak at the International Conference on Peace and Reconciliation at Melbourne University to deliver papers on:

‘How Effective is Laughter and Comedy in Creating an Atmosphere of Positive Peace?’
.PDF file 133 Kb, MS Word file 73 Kb, Text file 31 Kb.

‘To What Extent is Non-violence a Solution in Creating a Durable World Peace?’
.PDF file 141 Kb, MS Word file 72 Kb, Text file 27 Kb.

It is indeed a World Peace Full. Life is meant to be joyful…


Why not be the change you wish to see!  If we want peace, harmony and sustainability then consider investing or supporting projects that foster wellbeing between people and our planet.  This is the heart of z World Peace full.