Problem are Hiccups, you just need to know how to solve them

A free community conflict resolution service will be offered with a particular focus on mediation. Mediation is a non-violent process of resolving misunderstandings and creating peace between friends, families, colleagues and members of the community. The process ensures both parties learn about themselves and others.

This service acknowledges that conflict or problems are a normal part of life and an opportunity to learn. Many problems arise through our own misunderstandings. Often people seek to blame others this is a WIN/LOSE outcome. Mediation enables people in conflict to listen to each other respectfully, speak about the problem from their own point of view and arrive at shared solutions. The outcome is typically WIN/WIN and effectively creates peace by resolving the underlying problems.

This service could be offered by final year Dispute Resolution Law students enabling them to practice their skills and provide a free service to the community. The service would be supervised by trained Mediators and located in the community.

Let’s make it happen: Contact Peacefull if you are interested in being a project partner.

Problem solving does not require a violent response

Basic steps in Mediation

1. Look at the problem not the person.

2. Know that people could see the problem differently to you.

3. Use ‘I’ statements

I feel…
I think…
I want…

4. Listen to the other person’s feelings, thoughts and wants (each listens without interruption)

5. Look for a solution that will satisfy everyone in the conflict (mediator generates options & solutions)

6. Know that this could mean making a compromise (both work together or share)