World Peace Parties

World Peace is in your hands.

Peace is fun and dynamic. I have been organising World Peace Parties over the last 12 months and it has been very inspiring. The idea is to start a dialogue about peace and to inspire people to create a vision of their potential.

World Peace Parties are a fantastic way to get to know people. It is amazing to watch people gather around a positive vision such as peace. Friendships develop, debates occur and people are always amazed by the talents of others. The gathering gives people the opportunity to discuss what peace is?

World Peace Parties are very simple…

  1. A person volunteers their home to hold the party;
  2. They invite their friends;
  3. The moderator or facilitator invites other interested persons to come to the party;
  4. Everyone brings a plate of food to share, adding to a sense of community and making it easier for the host.
  5. Everyone brings something that inspires them. No-one can opt out of this. It is based on the idea that we all can shine and importantly, when we share, we give to others a part of ourselves. People bring: poetry, songs, music, favourite articles, inspiring words from books, affirmations, artifacts and stories. It is so fantastic and you really get to see the depth and creativity in others.
  6. There is no charge for the parties. If people wish to give allow it, however we don’t ask for money. That is a statement of fear and ‘not enough’ and makes people feel obligated to pay. Love gives of itself for free.


  1. Approximately 10-15 guests. Name tags for all guests;
  2. People introduce themselves and say a little about themselves;
  3. Share food and drinks (no alcohol or drugs);
  4. Talk about what peace means to each person. Allow 5-10 minutes;
  5. People to speak of what inspires them. Every person has a go. Just go around the circle. Allow 5-10 minutes;
  6. Facilitator mediates any disputes or disagreements.
    Click for the mediation process

This is a great way to make new friends and become aware of how each of us is responsible for creating peace in our world. In truth, peace is balance, it is happiness. It is knowing yourself and reaching your highest potential.

So why not, ‘be peace’.

World Peace is in your hands.